Teachers for Teachers | It’s Monday! This Book Will Inspire Your Students to be Lifelong Readers #IMWAYR
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It’s Monday! This Book Will Inspire Your Students to be Lifelong Readers #IMWAYR

At the All Write Summer Institute this past June, we spent several sessions learning from Debbie Miller.  YES, you read that correctly.  We spent hours with Debbie Miller and YES, it was a dream come true!

In her session about the power of book clubs with K-2 readers, Debbie launched her workshop with the book Bunny’s Book Club by Annie Silvestro.  As soon as she finished reading, we ordered two copies of this book.

Bunny’s Book Club is a book we have been sharing with K-2 readers everywhere.  It has the tone and softness of The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn and endearing characters that will remind you of the animals in Koala Lou by Mem Fox.   It is a story about a bunny who sneaks into the library through the book return slot, so she can get books to read.  When Bunny’s animal friends find out about all of the books she is reading, they want to read books too.

We love the messages this book sends to readers about the joys the library and stories can bring to our lives.  Just listen to the way Annie Silvestro describes Bunny’s reaction when he enters the library for the first time, “Bunny’s eyes sparkled at the sight of the shelves bursting with books.  It was better than a field of fresh, crunchy carrots!”  We love this comparison, and we know young readers will love it too.

If you are looking for a text to discuss how readers choose books or an engaging way to launch book clubs in your classroom, you will want to check out Bunny’s Book Club.   This endearing story will have readers eager to search the library shelves for books they love and sit with peers to discuss books.

This is also a book to bring back out during units of study focused on writing fiction.  The clear turning point will help students learn ways to use thoughts, action, and dialogue to slow down their writing to engage their readers.  Students can also study the ending of Bunny’s Book Club to learn how to write close endings that leave a lasting impression on readers.  The word choice in this text is also noteworthy.  Young writers can notice the way Annie Silvestro uses alliteration to add rhythm to the writing – “There he found stories about swashbucklers, sharks, and superheroes!  Bunny greedily grabbed them all.”   They can notice the precise verbs she chooses so readers can picture exactly what the characters are doing and saying.  When young writers ponder where to place their illustrations and text on the page, they will want to study this text.  The way the words and illustrations are woven together slows the reader down so s/he can savor the language.  There are just so many learning opportunities hidden inside these pages!

Don’t let students miss the end pages of this text.  We love the illustrations of all the animals reading and the old-fashioned library card will definitely bring up interesting conversations. The inside flap says, this book is “for anyone who’s ever loved books and the comfort of a cozy library, Bunny’s Book Club is a story that celebrates the life-changing magic of reading.”  We couldn’t agree more.   Thank you, Debbie Miller, for sharing this book with us, and congratulations to Annie Silvestro for this debut picture book!  Thank you, ALL WRITE for giving us the opportunity to spend a day with Debbie Miller.  If you are looking for a thought-provoking and inspirational conference to attend this summer, check out ALL WRITE 2018, June 21 – 22 in Warsaw, Indiana.

  • Linda Baie
    Posted at 17:50h, 29 January Reply

    I adored Bunny’s Book Club and enjoyed all the parts you shared that are so good for young readers!

  • Myra from GatheringBooks
    Posted at 06:26h, 30 January Reply

    I just conducted a professional development workshop with parents over the weekend here in Singapore on how to raise lifelong readers – I wish I had known about this book, then. But I do have upcoming several more workshops, hopefully I can find this in our libraries here.

  • Cecilia Doyle
    Posted at 14:11h, 30 January Reply

    Ordering it today!

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