Teachers for Teachers | It’s Monday! We Are Slicing About What We Are Reading! #SOL18 #IMWAYR
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It’s Monday! We Are Slicing About What We Are Reading! #SOL18 #IMWAYR

I love when I learn about new books from teachers and students.  Not only do I get to add a book to my stack, a get a book that comes with extra meaning.  When I first think about whether I like a book I always begin with my response – do I like it?  Why do I like or not like it?  Then I move to craft, voice, character, and theme.

When my first experience with a book is with someone that experience becomes a part of my response.  I am forever changed because of that experience.  Whenever I read it, I am brought back to that memory with that person and the emotion becomes a part the book.  So, when I find a book I love, and that book was recommended by someone important in my life, it finds a special place in my heart.  Kitchen Dance by Maurie J Manning is one of those books.

There is so much to love about this book.  The simplicity of the plot is so refreshing.  It celebrates family and love with humor, antics and a whole lot of dance.  The word choice brings this lively family to life.  The sentence structure and use of vivid verbs make this story read like a poem.  This is a great book to read aloud.  It will elicit giggles and conjure memories.  It is also a great book to use as a mentor text to study craft.

Manning’s illustrations are priceless.  She expresses action, thought, and feelings in her pictures.  Just look at this picture:

There is so much to infer.

The lead (sound) and the ending (dialogue) are simple enough for students to try out in their own writing. It is also a great model of a small moment story in which the most important part is stretched out and told step by step.

If you are looking for an engaging story that you can use again and again with your students – give Kitchen Dance a try …

Thanks, Pine Hill First Grade Team for the recommendation – it will be a tried and true for sure!

  • Avatar
    Carol Wilcox
    Posted at 10:22h, 05 March Reply

    Your comments about books being associated with people are so true! And you said it so, so, well. This sounds like one I definitely want to check out! CROWN is my current favorite picture book. It won a Newbery and a Caldecott honor.

  • Avatar
    Kevin Hodgson
    Posted at 10:23h, 05 March Reply

    It’s always a pleasure to come across a book that can do all that — and dance, too! Thanks for sharing out.

  • Avatar
    Molly Hogan
    Posted at 10:32h, 05 March Reply

    Kitchen Dance was always a favorite to share when I taught first grade. It’s chock full of delight! You’ve reminded me that I might want to brush the dust off my copy and share it with my fourth graders. Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Erika Victor
    Posted at 11:10h, 05 March Reply

    Stop, stop, stop! I have had that book recommended to me before and I am really (truly, kind of) trying to limit my book buying! You make the book sound just perfect for my striving writers and the pictures are gorgeous too!

  • Avatar
    Diane Dougherty
    Posted at 11:27h, 05 March Reply

    T”hanks for the recommendation, Clare. The illustrations alone make this book worth having. I can see using the pictures to teach inferring. Your specific details about the book entice me. I’m going to check it out today!

  • Avatar
    Rose Cappelli
    Posted at 12:42h, 05 March Reply

    Sounds like a book I will definitely have to check out!

  • Avatar
    Lynne Dorfman
    Posted at 14:28h, 05 March Reply

    I do not know this book, Clare, but by the end of the day, it will be ordered. Thanks for the great recommendation of a mentor text!

  • Avatar
    Karen Terlecky
    Posted at 17:14h, 05 March Reply

    I LOVE this book! I shared it fall semester with my pre-service teachers. It has such a joyful feeling to it!

  • Avatar
    Posted at 17:46h, 05 March Reply

    A book recommendation is very welcome as we are making our library orders.

  • Avatar
    Linda Baie
    Posted at 18:38h, 05 March Reply

    Looks like a terrific book to have and share. Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Jane @ Raincity Librarian
    Posted at 18:59h, 05 March Reply

    Oh, those illustrations! Every spread looks so full of life and colour and love. Thanks for sharing this one!!

  • Avatar
    Kendra Limback
    Posted at 02:05h, 06 March Reply

    Oh. The Limbacks are a kitchen dancing people. I’m so happy there is a picture book about this important time together! I will be purchasing it for my own family. Thank you for the recommendation.

  • Avatar
    Myra from GatheringBooks
    Posted at 09:30h, 06 March Reply

    Oh wow, this book looks like it’s brimming with so much fun and joy! Thank you for sharing!

  • Avatar
    2Shaye @ Miller Memo
    Posted at 21:40h, 07 March Reply

    Ahhh. How have I missed this title?! I love it! And to make it even sweeter, my family does a TON of dancing in our kitchen. Thanks for the recommendation! Have a wonderful reading week and a great time with your slices!

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