Teachers for Teachers | Mentor Teaching Moves: Planning to Unplug #T4TMoments
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Mentor Teaching Moves: Planning to Unplug #T4TMoments


It has been quite a year!  We each had a son graduate from high school, we continued learning with teachers in over fifteen school districts, and we published our second book.  This time last year, we were in the thick of revisions and still envisioning how the book would come together.  Today we received this:

We are so excited to share that the Book Love Foundation awarded six elementary libraries this spring from the royalties of our book.  This makes the milestone of our second printing even more meaningful.  Thanks to everyone for your support, shout outs, encouragement, and #booklove.

We always appreciate the time in the summer to slow down, reflect, learn and plan.  Long stretches of time to think together are invaluable.  Education is all-consuming – intellectual, physical, social, creative, and emotional.  It is a profession that requires time to recharge and refocus each year – for teachers and students.

We will be spending July attending conferences, joining twitter chats, participating in #cyberPD #10for10PD and #booklove study group, planning our work in schools next year, reading new children’s and professional books, and starting some new writing projects.  In August we will be spending time with family and friends playing, relaxing, and traveling.  We will be “unplugging” from our blog during these months.

We think it is a mentor teaching move to set aside time to think, create, and wonder.  We hope you find time to recharge, play, read, write, relax and reflect this summer.   See you in September when we will be back at it!!!


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