Teachers for Teachers | Mentor Teaching Moves: Inspiring Readers Through the Characters They Meet #T4TMoments #Booklove
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Mentor Teaching Moves: Inspiring Readers Through the Characters They Meet #T4TMoments #Booklove


We might put these three books in a basket labeled: Books About the Love of Reading.  When we read these books to kids, they labeled the basket:

No matter how you label it, these three books need to be in it!! These are great books to launch reading workshop in grades K-2 and to begin conversations with students about the books, authors, and genres they love.

Library Lily, Gillian Shields

Lily loves to read and finds joy in the pages of her books. Milly hates reading and spends her time exploring the world outside.  When these two characters become friends, they teach each other that there is a world to explore in nature and a world to explore inside the pages of the books.  We love the way this text ends – with the two characters writing stories about their adventures.

Library Lily will inspire reading and writing in K-2 classrooms.  There is much to discuss about the different reasons people love to read.  There are also many opportunities to study writing craft in this book.  Young writers can learn from Gillian Shields about how to write strong dialogue, use ellipses to show the passage of time, and how to intersperse text and illustrations on the page.  A big thank you to Allison at Alran books for recommending this text.

Where Are My Books by Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Spencer loves reading and becomes very upset when he favorite books go missing.  He searches and finally develops a plan to catch the culprit.  Kindergarteners will love when they realize who is taking these books!   This is a fun read aloud with a clear plot that students will enjoy acting out and retelling in partnerships or at centers.  It is also a great book to spark conversations about the books our students love… and how to organize them so they can find them!

Madeline Finn and The Library Dog by Lisa Papp

Madeline Finn does NOT like to read … not until her librarian plans something special.  She arranges for Madeline to read to a dog, Bonnie.  Bonnie is a great listener who is patient and kind.  Bonnie helps Madeline build confidence and feel more like a reader.  K-2 readers will love the surprise ending – we won’t ruin it for you!

If you want more titles in this text set or titles for older readers, click here to see our Pinterest Board – Books to Foster the Love of Reading




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    Lisa Maucione
    Posted at 10:44h, 20 September Reply

    This is a great idea for a book basket! I love Madeline Finn and read it to my first graders every year. The surprise ending is the best. Somehow I missed Library Lily so I’ll have to look for that one.

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