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Slice of Life: Books Can Be Helpers #SOL18 #TWTBlog

Halloween parties.  Red Sox celebrations.  Carving pumpkins.  Jumping in the leaves.  These are things young children should be consumed with right now.  So much joy, innocence, and hope in the young faces I see in schools and in my neighborhood.  The adults, however, carry on with these events while consumed with bigger things, unspeakable things, unimaginable things right now.

Parents of young ones look to my husband and me for support and guidance.  What did you do when your children were young?  Did you talk to them?  How did you answer their questions?  How much information is too much?  We share helpful links and resources.  We tell them we only answered the questions they asked and then waited for the next question.  Sometimes young ones need time to process so they pace with their questions.  Sometimes we need to know what they can and cannot handle.

It is so hard to look into the eyes of these parents with young ones.  I remember having a toddler and being pregnant on 9/11.  I remember the fear.  I remember wondering what life would be like on 9/12; 9/22; or 10/11.  I remember going for hikes, paddling on the nearby pond and holding my son close.  I remember realizing for the first time his needs were greater than mine. I remember a new normal.  I remember his innocence and purity gave me hope, kept me centered.

After a week like last week, it is so difficult to have young ones in your life and yet it is also exactly what we need.  We need to remember they are the future.  They are watching.  They are listening.  We need to give them hope.  We need to focus on the kindness in the world.  They need to learn to look for the helpers and aspire to be a helper as well.

Tammy and I wish all of you with young ones, joy this week.  If you are looking for a book to share with your students or a young one in your life, The Breaking News is a lovely choice.  It is about the power of choice and reminds us that we each can make a difference – one small act at a time.  It is developmentally appropriate for even pre-school students if read with a loved one.  In the words of the author,

“Small things can add up, after all, to make a world of difference.”

Tammy and I will be adding this book to some Little Free Libraries in our area this week.  Spreading book love can add up to make a world of difference!  If you are looking for additional texts to inspire hope, kindness and the power of choice our post on Monday shared some titles.

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    Christine Baldiga
    Posted at 23:16h, 30 October Reply

    This week has taught me that we NEED to have more conversations about these issues early and often. Thank you for supporting us teachers in choosing the right books to open the doors to begin those conversations. Its always easier after reading a good piece of literature.

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    Amanda Potts
    Posted at 01:39h, 31 October Reply

    Thank you for this suggestion. Even though my children are a little older (8 & 10), I am searching for ways to talk to them, ways to help them know that we are not completely helpless in the face of overwhelming things. I was thinking about checking out Each Kindness again. I will read this one, too.

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