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Slice of Life: And the Winner Is… #SOL19 #TWTBlog

Dishes of M&Ms, licorice, and Starbursts.  Bowls of popcorn, Doritos, and Pringles.  Pillows and blankets gathered on the couch and the floor.  A fire roaring.  Homework finished early that day.  Pajamas on after dinner, lunches packed, and breakfast ready to go. 

I still feel the anticipation and excitement of watching the academy awards with my mom.

This scene kept replaying in my mind as I prepared for the ALA Youth Media Awards.  The academy awards was a tradition.  This was something I looked forward to – not just the awards but the time spent with my mom.  It was fun, it was important and it became a ritual.

Looking back, I wish the ALA Youth Media Awards were broadcast live and recorded as they are now. This could have replaced or shared center stage with the academy awards. I only saw the ALA awards as they appeared on books in my classroom, school or public library. I never felt a part of the process or the community as I did with the academy awards.

I love that kids now get to experience this ceremony at home and at school, live or recorded.  I hope it is a memory they share with their children or students when they get older.  If you want to watch the ceremony live – snacks and all – here is the link.  There were so many books I was ecstatic to see win. How did you experience the ALA awards?  Did you share the experience with someone?  What winners caused you to hoot and holler? What did you add to your TBR stack? I would love to hear your perspective.



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