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Slice of Life: Stylish or Unfortunate #SOL19 #TWTBlog

I love your hair!

It’s more edgy.

Your hair is the always the same, what made you change it?

It’s more stylish.

If they only knew…

Hey, is there a blow dryer down there?

Yeah, I’ll bring it up to you when I’m finished.

I look through my bag to find my brush.  I grab it and begin to work through the tangles in my hair.  I find my part and arrange my bangs the way I like them.  I plug in the blow dryer and begin the familiar daily routine.  My mind wanders as I work through each section, making sure I get all the hair around my round brush, so it dries with a smooth bounce.  I place the blow dryer on the counter so I can use both hands to get the large section of hair in the front arranged around the brush.  I hold the brush with one hand and move the blow dryer over the brush repeatedly to ensure it is totally dry.  I have done this thousands of times.  I am about to pull the brush through my hair to move on to the next section when…


First, I hear a crack. Then, I see a spark.  Then, I smell something awful and see something worse.  My hair … all over the floor.  I mean A LOT of my hair all over the floor.  I stand there holding the blow dryer in one hand staring at the pile of hair on the floor.  I try to make sense of what happened.  Maybe that’s not my hair.  Maybe it is not as much as it looks.  Maybe …

What happened?  It smells awful down here.

My friend turns the corner into the bathroom.

Is that your hair?  That’s a lot of hair. 

She grabs my face.  Tilts it up and begins to assess the damage.

This is not pretty. 

What do you mean?  It’s not that bad, is it?

Yup.  It is that bad.  It’s a big section right in the front and it’s singed on the ends.  It’s like a weird frizzy texture and kind of orange.

Clearly, she’s a good friend and isn’t holding back.  I turn to look in the mirror.  How bad can it be?  Will anyone really even notice?  When my eyes meet my reflection I realize I wasted time on those last two questions. 

What am I going to do?  It’s bad.

She looks at her watch. 

We don’t have time to get to a hair dresser.  We have to be at the hospital in an hour and then get our numbers at the expo

Maybe it will be better if I finish drying it. 

It’s pretty dry.  Let’s try a ponytail … with a lot of bobbypins.

She works her magic and we manage to hide the damage for the most part.  She admires her work in the mirror.

We could also get you hat.  A hat could work.

We both start laughing.  Truth is, we are in Memphis to run in honor of St. Jude.  My hair is nothing in comparison to what these kids and their families are going through.  This event, each year, helps me keep life in perspective.

And now I have an edgy hairstyle … until it grows back.


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  • Avatar
    Diane Dougherty
    Posted at 11:11h, 20 March Reply

    Oh, Clare, I can just imagine the look! But you are always looking for the silver lining, and you are right–hair will grow back and now you have a new look. Still, running for a cause (St. Jude) keeps the little things in perspective.

  • Avatar
    Lynne Dorfman
    Posted at 11:37h, 20 March Reply

    What a great thing to do – St. Jude is one of my favorite charities. The work they do is amazing. And you are amazing, Clare! Although this must have been a terrible and unexpected experience, you made light of it and even could laugh about it. That is one of the things I really admire about you. Optimism: overflowing and contagious. Whatever happened with that hair dryer? I am going to the hairdresser at ten (gray roots showing!). Maybe not a good post to read this morning. Now I am wondering….should I be afraid?

  • Avatar
    Rose Cappelli
    Posted at 12:08h, 20 March Reply

    Your post was funny and heartwarming all at the same time, Clare! What a great lesson on perspective. Thanks! And good luck in the race!

  • Avatar
    Mandy Robek
    Posted at 14:24h, 20 March Reply

    Oh my, luckily you had the St. Jude perspective right there to help guide you through this. I am still wondering what actually happened! Did you hold the hair dryer too long or close for a section of your hair? Was this a borrowed hair dryer and not your own – if so it might of been working differently than you are use to. I”d love to see this edgy hair style. I hope you ran like the wind and had a good time.

  • Avatar
    Sherri Spelic
    Posted at 14:45h, 20 March Reply

    Goodness, you handled that well and also highlight the value of a best friend in close proximity.

  • Avatar
    Christine Baldiga
    Posted at 22:15h, 20 March Reply

    Bobby-pins and a good friend to the rescue! Your slice had me anxious with that spark sound. And yet you managed to remember what’s important – especially for those children that aren’t so fortunate.

  • Avatar
    Melanie Meehan
    Posted at 00:57h, 21 March Reply

    Oh wow, that’s not good, but your perspective is spot on. Someday, ask me about the bald spots I get every now and then. I need to have the same sort of self talk.

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