Teachers for Teachers | #Nerdlution – We Are In Again! Are You?
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#Nerdlution – We Are In Again! Are You?


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Last year we joined #nerdlution for two rounds! We loved being part of it. On New Year’s Eve we read Franki Sibberson’s blog and were so excited to join this event once again.

Last year one of Tammy’s #nerdlution goals was to write for 30 minutes each day.   For the most part, this goal worked.

Of course I missed a few days, but in general I was able to keep up with it.   With the help of the timer on my phone, writing for 30 minutes was manageable and rewarding.   I was amazed at what I could accomplish in such a short amount of time. Some days I wrote early in the morning before work, while other days I sat right down after a long day and began writing. The writing helped me to reflect on my day and ponder new ideas. So why couldn’t I keep up the regular routine all year long?   Perhaps, this year I can change that.

 One of the things that helped me to reach my goal last year was being part of #Nerdlution. Reading others’ tweets and posts pushed me to keep going even when I wanted to quit. It was comforting to hear how others were doing and to commiserate together.   A few years ago I wouldn’t have thought social media could help me feel connected to people across the country.   I am so thankful to Clare, my dearest friend and business partner, for taking the lead and creating our blog and website.   We now have so many friends across the country and the world feels a bit friendlier and a lot smaller.

 So this year I am picking the same writing goal for #nerdlution 2015, hoping that the habit will stick with me well beyond February 19,2015  

 P.S. Writing this post just helped me meet my #nerdlution goal for today – YEAH!


Last year Clare’s #nerdlution goals were to read and write daily. These seemed almost too easy.

Last year the first round I chose goals that I typically do anyway so it was really not a stretch. Round two was a better fit and really what I needed. This year I want to pick a goal that is real, but achievable and will help me grow professionally. I have thought a lot about what this goal should. I want something that will push me a bit and help me learn.

 After much thought it came to me yesterday. This year I am setting a goal to use more technology tools to enhance instruction. I want to try to learn and use technology in four new ways in the next 6 weeks. I then will reflect on what I learned and plan to change my practice to incorporate the tools that I find enhance instruction.

So #nerdlution15… We are in! Are you? If you are interested in creating a #nerdlution goal check out Chris Lehman’s post to learn all about it.


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    Posted at 02:13h, 10 January Reply

    Yay you guys! Great goals. Can’t wait to read how you grow and learn!


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