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Packing Our Suitcases… for Reading

Research shows that “the average teacher will make more than 1,500 educational decisions every school day.” It is no wonder we are so tired at the end of the day. We love having the summer to take time to think, learn, reflect and READ!!! Our “to-read” pile is always higher than we would like to admit and every year we look forward to August. We take the month(ish) of August off and we use this time to catch up on all the books we want to read.

Before we choose our books we make a plan! We purposefully choose some of the same books so that we can talk about them together. Sometimes we each read different titles so we can decide if and how we would use with students and teachers. When we read professional books we typically are reading them with a group of teachers or a school in mind. We think about how we might use the text in our upcoming professional development sessions and track our thinking while we are reading so we can share important parts with our colleagues.

When it comes to children’s literature we think about the family members and friends with whom we will spend time over August. We have been dying to read some titles, but have resisted because we have a child in mind to read it with while we are away. We love doing this because we can enjoy the text through the eyes of the child as well as our own. It gives us ideas of how we might use the text and for which grade levels it might work well. If we are driving long distances we also plan which books we will listen to in the car. Each year our families look forward to the “unveiling” of the summer vacation book list! This year we decided to “unveil” through our blog. Here are the books in each of our suitcases:


When we make these types of decisions in the summer it helps us with our planning all year long – we already know we have at least 1500 other decisions to make each day! We look forward to sharing our favorites with each other and with you in September!

  • Avatar
    Heather Rader
    Posted at 21:51h, 26 July Reply

    Thank you for this unveiling. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Happy vacation!

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    Glenda Bloxom
    Posted at 15:02h, 02 August Reply

    love the books you take together to share throughout summer as well as vacation….thanks for sharing….i am trying to find all the information i can on Close Reading…send me any tips you may have

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