Teachers for Teachers | Mentor Teaching Moves: Innovative Ways to Collect Data As We Teach #T4TMoments
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Mentor Teaching Moves: Innovative Ways to Collect Data As We Teach #T4TMoments

The messy sheet is our “go to” tool to collect formative notes as we teach.  As we work with students, we record the instructional goals we are teaching inside the oval and write the names of students’ who need additional instruction with the particular skill or strategy around the oval.

Here are two innovative ways teachers have adapted “the messy sheet” to help make collecting formative notes more meaningful and manageable:

This teacher uses the messy sheet to record how her students are independently applying the strategies she is teaching.  She writes the names of students who use the strategy independently at the top of the oval, the names of students who need additional practice on the left and right-hand sides of the oval and students’ names who will benefit from more instruction below the oval.  Recording the data this way helps her plan small groups for the upcoming weeks.

This second grade teacher adapted the messy sheet to record her formative notes in a slightly different way.  She divides each oval in half.  On the left-hand side, she records the names of students who have mastered the skill or strategy and on right-hand side she records who needs additional instruction.  By writing the student’s name each time she meets with him/her, she is able to keep track of everyone’s progress.

We love the way these teachers adapted the messy sheet to make collecting data more effective.  Our notes about our students are invaluable and finding ways to note-taking manageable, gives us time to notice the nuances of how our students learn and to plan engaging instruction.


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