Teachers for Teachers | Mentor Teaching Moves: Keeping Students at the Forefront of Our Teaching #T4TMoments
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Mentor Teaching Moves: Keeping Students at the Forefront of Our Teaching #T4TMoments

After completing a round of common assessments, Jen wanted a way to organize her students’ data so that the information was right at her teams’ fingertips.   It was easy to record the students’ scores on the database but how could she capture the qualitative data?

Jen decided to add columns to her spreadsheet.  In two columns she wrote the student learning goals that stood out after completing the assessment, and in another column, she listed students’ reading interests and preferences (column titled disposition).

These columns helped her team form small groups based on student learning goals and reading preferences, rather than focusing solely on students’ reading level.  It also helped the team talk with students about making a plan for what they want to read.

Adding qualitative data to the spreadsheet made it possible for Jen and her team to move beyond the numbers and focus on each child’s learning needs and preferences.  It is only through knowing the reader – what they enjoy, their passions and interests as well as their next steps as learners – that we can make instructional moves that engage and students.

Thanks, Jen, for allowing us to share this mentor teaching move.

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