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Sunshine Award

Matt Renwick, an elementary principal in Wisconsin (@readbyexample), listed our blog as one of eleven to receive the Sunshine Award.  Wow!  We were speechless and honored.  This award is a way for bloggers to recognize other bloggers, as well as to encourage them to share a little bit more about themselves.   Here is the description:

The sunshine award gives others an opportunity to learn more about me as a blogger and then, in turn, I will send sunshine the way of 11 other amazing bloggers for you to get to know!

Here are the rules Matt lists in his post:

Acknowledge the nominating blogger.
 Share 11 random facts about yourself.
 Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
List 11 bloggers.  They should be bloggers you believe deserve some recognition and a little blogging love!
Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer and let all the bloggers know they have been nominated. (You cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you.)

Eleven random facts:

  1. I have two kids – Jack (14) and Ryan (11).
  2. I grew up a Yankee fan and am now a Red Sox fan – mostly due to #1 above.
  3. I have run two marathons and run about 25 miles per week.
  4. I have a new puppy that I adore!
  5. I love to make soup.  I make soup every Sunday and swap soups with my neighbor.
  6. I never intended to be a teacher.  I am all but dissertation in Child Development.
  7. I run most mornings at 5:30.  I love laughing with friends before the sun rises – great way to start the day.
  8. My first job was in Competitive Market Research in Healthcare.  After two years I decided to go back to school.
  9. I love to camp and hike.
  10.  I love to antique and collect unusual pieces for my house.
  11. I have worked with Tammy Mulligan (my fellow blogger) for twenty years in many different roles.  The most important role being the best friend anyone could ever ask for!

Eleven questions from Matt with my answers:

1.What songs/bands are on your favorite playlist right now?

My 11-year-old son makes my running playlists for me.  My favorites are Macklemore and anything from the movie Pitch Perfect!

2.What book would you recommend that you own in multiple formats (print, digital, and/or audio)?

Reading with Meaning by Debbie Miller

Choice Words by Peter Johnston

Wonder by R. J. Palacio

Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann

3. Apple or Microsoft?


4.“If I could live in any country other than my own…”


5.“When I am not thinking about school, I am…”


6.Who is the most important person(s) in your life right now?

My kids, my husband and my puppy!

7.“If I could meet anyone…”

Princess Diana – loved her when I was a child and would love to hear her story.

8.“During the holidays…”

We have lots of traditions we do each year.  I am so happy my sons still get excited over some of our silly traditions.

9.What will be your 2014 new year’s resolution?

I want to continue to work on finding balance between my work and family life.  It is so hard to manage it all.  I want to be present, truly present, when I am with my family.

10. “If I wasn’t an educator, I would…”

I would be an administrative assistant for a person I really admire who is trying to accomplish something I truly believe in.  I love to organize and manage things. I would love to do that for someone I admired.

11. “On Fridays, I like wearing…”

My PJs!  I typically work from home on Fridays and I love being in PJs or sweats!!


I am new to social media, so I want to highlight some bloggers that inspired me to begin this journey as well as some that continue to push my thinking through their posts:

Tammy Mulligan (my co-blogger!)

Jennifer Serravallo

Heather Radar

Dana Murphy

Kate Roberts

Ruth Ayers

Katharine Sokolowski

Kristine Mraz

Pat Johnson

Katie Dicesare

Laura Komos

So…  I hope each of you can feel my ray of sunshine!  Here are my questions/prompts for you:

1)   What is your favorite board game?

2)   Where is your favorite vacation destination?

3)   What is your first school memory?

4)   If you have an iPad –how do you use it?

5)   When I am stressed, I relax by….

6)   What is your best tip for balancing your work and family lives?

7)   How do you plan for writing on your blog?

8)   What motivates you to write?

9)   I love to spend Saturday…

10) What is your favorite meal to cook?

11)  The one thing I cannot live without is…

I am looking forward to getting to know each of you a little bit better!  Have fun!!


  • Sunshine Award – Tammy | Assessment in Perspective
    Posted at 20:26h, 17 December Reply

    […] Here are the rules for the Sunshine Award that Clare lists in her post: […]

  • Matt Renwick
    Posted at 14:56h, 01 January Reply

    I enjoyed learning more about you, Clare. Just added Let the Great World Spin to my to-read list on Goodreads. I also struggle with the home-work balance, especially with being connected now. One thing that helps me is taking a tech sabbatical. I am just coming back from my most recent one; one whole week during the holidays. I also try to take Sundays off. No Twitter or blogging, and only checking email once a day. I find myself paying more attention to and thinking more deeply about the present.

    Good to know you even better!


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