Teachers for Teachers | Types of Services
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We customize our professional development plan to meet the needs of the school district. Here are some of the professional development models we have developed:

  • Full Day Workshop/In-Class Coaching – Teachers work with the consultant for 1 full day outside of the classroom. Full day workshops combine demonstration lessons, lectures, simulations and hands-on learning activities to provide teachers with a deep understanding of the subject matter. In-class coaching follows the full day workshop. Each teacher teaches in his/her own classroom with the consultant. In-class coaching helps teachers transfer newly learned skills into their daily classroom practices.
  • Study Groups – Small groups of teachers meet with the consultant 3-6 times over the course of several weeks. These groups work together to explore one aspect of literacy instruction. Study group sessions include mini-workshops, demonstration lessons, curriculum planning and analysis of assessment data. Between each session, teachers read relevant professional articles and try-out new instructional practices.
  • After-School Course Work: During after-school courses, teachers study effective instructional practices. They read and discuss many relevant books/articles, participate in classroom simulations, analyze videotapes of classroom instruction; analyze assessment data, and plan curriculum.