Teachers for Teachers | Upcoming Conference Presentations
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Good to Great Twitter Chat

April 5, 2018  8:30-9:30 pm EST  #G2Great

Massachusetts Reading Association Annual Conference

April 10, 2018   1:00-2:30

It’s All About the Books: Organizing Texts to Support Student Choice and Development

Books are a teacher’s tools to instruct, engage, and help students develop a reading identity.  The way we organize texts and teach students to choose books influences growth, dispositions and reading habits.  Join us to discuss how to organize texts with both instructional needs and student identity in mind.

 Title Talk Twitter Chat

April 29, 2018  8:00-9:00 pm EST  #titletalk

Nerd Camp Michigan Presentation on July 9

Who’s in Your Library? Creating Classroom Libraries That Reflect the Passions, Interests, and Identities of Our Readers
A classroom library is the heart and soul of a classroom community. When we organize and reorganize our books into collections that reflect the students in front of us, we let them know that they are the centers of their reading lives. Better yet, when we involve them in the process of curating the book collection in our library we help them develop the habits and dispositions of a reader.  Assessment, instruction, community, book love, and fun all rolled into a classroom library.